blue-shirt-2Knightsbridge Shirts use only the most premium, luxurious cottons in each of our meticulously handmade shirts. It’s an old maxim, but it’s true: clothes make the man.

We believe our customers should make their sharp, status-statement through the power of unrivalled masterful craftsmanship, superior yarns and impeccable cuts all fused to painstaking perfection into a timeless shape.

Our cottons comprise Millennium Star cotton, also referred to as the Rolls Royce of shirting fabrics that was originally made exclusively for the Saudi royal family. Alternatively we offer Loro Piana Yarn, LV cotton from the Louis Vuitton Italian mill or Sea Island cotton, reportedly the finest cotton in the world for its versatility and similar-to-silk properties.

Read on to discover more about our deluxe, distinctive fabrics:

Millennium Star

Super-fine and supremely soft, Millennium Star cotton has been described as ‘the most precious fabric in the world.’ Three of the globe’s most premium fine threads are united to form one yarn. Using a sophisticated technique that delivers on comfort, coolness and strength, this material’s extraordinary characteristics offer long-term durability and a natural brightness. Anexact alchemy is found between the thread and the loom that results in excellence, whilst the triple-fold processing works to create undiminished splendour.

Sea Island Cotton

Sea Island is a trademarked exceptional cotton of first-rate quality. Its luxurious properties mean this fabric works well in all climates, making it an ideal choice for comfort, coolness and exceptional craftsmanship.

Sea Island was originally exclusively produced in small quantities in the West Indies (Barbados), then in approximately 1786 cotton planters were brought over from Barbados to plant Sea Island cotton in the former British North American colonies of South Carolina and Georgia. The exclusive Sea Island cotton commands the highest price of all the cottons, due to its long staple and its highly desirable silky texture.

Loro Piana

Since 1924 Loro Piana has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers of fine fabrics. Characterised by ultra-fine threads, its yarn offers nothing short of elegant expertise.

For six generations, Loro Piana has delivered cotton to the highest standards of craftsmanship and the pursuit of quality and innovation is always of the utmost importance to this family run brand. Their cotton is lovingly crafted considering tradition, beauty, nature and uncompromising standards in their choice of materials.




At Knightsbridge Shirts you can personalize the shade and fit of your garment. Each individually handmade shirt is cut to a classic, timeless shape, ensuring long-lasting appeal.

Knightsbridge Shirts offer a lifetime commitment to preserving the quality and appearance of their garments. Once annually you are invited to return your shirt to us for a full service, where expert tailors will re-set and polish your precious stones, re-fit the shirt and make any necessary size alterations, replacing the cuffs and collar. We then return it to you in pristine condition.

The three cornerstones of Knightsbridge Shirts are exclusivity; serviceability and sustainability, so we can guarantee you’ll be suitably impressed with our fine fabrics, stones and service.

To treat yourself to a garment that’s been woven from the world’s finest luxury cotton, invest in a Knightsbridge Shirt. They truly are a cut above…