Each Knightsbridge Shirt is uniquely adorned and punctuated with a row of ethically sourced, flawless jewels down the vertical placket in place of buttons.

The current collection offers diamond-encrusted button shirts. All our stones are ethically sourced and non-conflict from India and Antwerp, Belgium, are Gia certified and also Kimberley Process Certified (United Nations Approved). Our diamond merchants source authentic 2-carat rare diamonds and fit them to perfection.

All our stones are timeless and crafted to last an eternity. Elegant and iconic, contemporary and attention-stealing, every single stone selected is graded and approved as having met our stringent quality standards.

True beauty doesn’t fade. Like a great work of art, our dazzling diamonds are an investment, designed to appreciate in value over time. Plus when it comes to washing day, do not fear, your attention-grabbing, status-securing diamonds can simply be removed from the shirt.

With every Knightsbridge Shirt you order, you’ll receive a certificate of authenticity, showing the traceable provenance of the stones, design and workmanship. Each precision-cut stone has passed the UN’s ‘Kimberly Process’, and been vetted by leading international jewelers.

All our diamonds are accompanied with a certificate guaranteeing authenticity and assuring the characteristics of your unique diamonds or gemstones. You can rest assured that the diamonds you receive with your Knightsbridge Shirt are safeguarded; the investment you make will continue to reward you. Diamonds are forever and a Knightsbridge Shirt will last you a lifetime.

If the diamond characteristics are found not to be as stated on your certificate, we will accept a return and provide you with a full credit or replacement shirt that meets or exceeds the characteristics as stated on the certificate.

Diamonds: The Facts

Millions of years old, diamonds are one of the globe’s greatest sources of wealth and the most exquisite gemstone of all. Consisting of virtually pure carbon, diamonds are the only gemstone composed of a single element, meaning they are the hardest natural substance known to man plus the purest of the earth’s treasures.

Amalgamating purity, endurance, beauty and rarity, skillfully cut, brilliantly dazzling and hosting a unique ability to reflect light back. Traditionally diamonds have been graded according to the “4C’s”- Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat.


The cut refers to the faceting proportions on the surface of a diamond.


The more colourless the diamond, the greater its rarity and value. A single increase in colour could grade can boost a diamond’s value by thousands of pounds.


A diamond’s ‘clarity’ grade refers to the stones flaws (or lack thereof).


A ‘carat’ is the gemologist’s standard measure of a diamond’s weight.

Knightsbridge Shirts are committed to only sourcing quality standard, ethically sourced diamonds that meet a certain level of purity. The carat is 2 carat, the colour rating will be at least a ‘H’, clarity will be at least ‘SI’ and the clarity characteristics will always be premium.

To highlight how exclusive our diamonds are, approximately five million carats must be mined to get a single 2-carat gem-quality diamond.

No two diamonds are exactly alike, they as unique as you are.