lambo-2When driving your Lamborghini all eyes are on you. When you step out, the attention stops. Knightsbridge Shirts will continue to give you that level of attention way after you step out of your Lamborghini.

Introducing a new concept in luxury shopping; Knightsbridge Shirts offer high end, luxuriously sharp shirts for men, meticulously handmade from the most premium cotton and enhanced with ethically sourced diamonds for buttons.

Diamonds are forever and a Knightsbridge Shirt will last you a lifetime. Our shirts are for anyone who wants to walk into a bar, have every head turn and sense the question on everyone’s lips “Who is that person?”.

With a price tag of £25,000 – £75,000 per shirt, you truly get what you pay for; exclusivity, serviceability, sustainability. It’s like the Birkin bag – there’s a waiting list, you may have to wait six months for your shirt, but the wait is unbelievably worth it.

The cut and fit of the shirt designs are non-seasonal – timeless some might say. Our exquisite handmade garments are delivered in your own personal mahogany box, together with a certificate of authenticity for the jewels, the design and the workmanship.

Our cottons comprise Millennium cotton, also referred to as the Rolls Royce of cotton that was originally made exclusively for the Saudi royal family. Alternatively we offer Loro Piana Yarn, LV cotton from the Louis Vuitton Italian mill or Sea Island cotton, reportedly the finest cotton in the world for its versatility and similar-to-silk properties.

Knightsbridge Shirts are serviceable annually. We will re-fit, re-set and re-polish a customer’s shirt once a year on the anniversary of when the shirt was purchased. Sizes can be changed and replacement collars and cuffs updated too. Plus the value of the shirt will increase over time due to the appreciation of the precious stones that are included in the button casings.

All our stones are ethically sourced from India and Antwerp, Belgium, are Gia certified and also Kimberley Process Certified (United Nations Approved), we have diamond merchants who purchase our diamonds and fit them to perfection. And when it comes to washing day, do not fear, your attention-grabbing, status-securing diamonds can simply be removed from the shirt.

Founder and entrepreneur, Sajid Sumra, reports this concept was born in 2013 from a personal wish for the product, followed quickly by enormous excitement, interest and orders from his LA-based acquaintances.

With the Sunday Times Rich List revealing this month that Britain’s are ‘wealthier than ever’ with the richest tycoons currently holding a combined fortune of almost £520bn – the 15% increase over the past 12 months is a timely reminder of these men with modern means, a reassuring rise in our potential customers who want to sustain their wardrobe in a way their sustain their motors.

Wealth expert Philip Beresford said he has never before seen such a “phenomenal” rise in personal fortune. So what better time to launch the most prestigious, most enthralling label this show has ever seen?!

Ready to steal the spotlight?